Pike County Scenes

A new series of paintings inspired by the numerous creeks and waterfalls in Pike County’s abundant natural places. Having recently moved here, her enthusiasm for this place has compelled her to capture and interpret its special beauty in large oil paintings. A long time landscape painter, she says, “This landscape has a magical and powerful quality which I find very inspiring. That and the vast state and federal lands that are accessable to the public, make this a great place for me and I’m creating my best work here.”

These images can be seen at the ARTery Gallery 210 Broad St. Milford PA 18337 (570) 409-1234

The original oil paintings, beautifully framed (sizes vary)
High quality giclee prints, 16x20 inch (custom sizes by request)

Chief Thunder Cloud and Indian Ladders

Chief Thunder Cloud and Indian Ladders Waterfalls

Chief Thundercloud, the famous American Indian, believed to be the model for the nickel as well as the last five dollar gold piece minted in the United States, came from Dingmans Ferry in Pike County. He was a scout with the United States Army, worked in show business with P.T. Barnum as well as the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show, and posed for leading American artists such as Fredrick Remington and John Singer Sargaent.

Gifford Pinchot

“Then there were more talks, including one to the Rhode Island Legislature, two more interviews with the President, conferences in New York and Cleveland, and one more talk in New Orleans.” After that I went fishing.” A statement made by Gifford Pinchot (chief forester), refering to his exhaustive efforts to keep the conservation movement in the forefront of public and political awareness amid the lack of support from President Taft as concerned the Roosevelt conservation policies.

Rosamond Pinchot

“I love the country; and at our home in [Milford] Pennsylvania where I could walk and ride and swim, I was intensely happy. There is a beautiful waterfall on our place. I always keep a photo of it beside my dressing table at the theatre; and when I am blue or discouraged, I look at that picture. Somehow the thought of that waterfall, going on and on without interruption, helps me. In the first place, it will always be there; a bit of lovliness to which I can go back. But even aside from that, it gives me a sense of the steady flow of life itself; the big unbroken current, in contrast with which turbulent streams of our individual lives seem so trivial.” A passage from the diary of Rosamond Pinchot (daughter of Amos), who after achieving international acclaim as an actress, took her own life at the age of 34. Her story is shared by her granddaughter BiBi Gaston in “The Lovliest Woman in America”.

Gifford Pinchot - Gone Fishing
Rosamond - Spirit of the Sawkill

Shohola Falls

Shohola Falls


Bushkill Creek

Bushkill Creek


Pinchot Falls

Pinchot Falls


Savantine Creek

Savantine Creek


Hornbecks Creek

Hornbecks Creek

Savantine Falls

Savantine Falls

Dingmans Falls

Dingmans Falls

Childs Park Reflections
Childs Park, Factory Falls
Into the Woods

The Bashakill Preserve

The Bashakill Preserve is a 2,000 acre protected wetland, nestled between mountains in Orange/Sullivan counties of NY. Popular with birdwatchers, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts - the pristine beauty and seasonal transformations, make it a favorite painting place for me.

This series of images are available as matted prints, size 11 x 14" $30.

Bashakill From the Vineyard
Bashakill Summer
Bashakill Autumn
Bashakill Winter
Bashakill First View
Morgan's Spot
Snowbirds Neversink Violet


Still Lifes

Zimmermann Series: A series of oil paintings inspired by the Metalwork of Marie Zimmermann, a renowned craftswoman who lived in Pike County. Her home is now a museum in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area.

Footed Bowl with Lichen
Red Covered Box with Bluejay
Copper Vase with Dragonfly
Pyxis with Butterfly
Silver Pitcher with Goldfinch
Pyxis with Butterfly
Bronze Vase at Moat at Grey Towers
Sculpture of St Francis with Pigeons


Portraits, people

I enjoy painting portraits because I see them as the most intimate. People get excited about commissioning a portrait of their favorite person/s because they have great love and this is a way of expressing that. It is thrilling to be a conduit for this experience.

1 person/ pet - $120; Framed add $50
2 people/ pets - $180; Framed add $60

Young Marie
Smiling Boy
All Smiles

Portraits, animals

I am a great dog lover and very familiar with the tremendous bond that we can have with our pets.. I feel honored to make an image that will pay homage to this sacred friendship. Portraits in charcoal are intended to provide original art at a reasonable price, and every bit a touching expression of love. Smoothly blended skin and subtle tones are achieved with the powdery charcoal on paper.

1 person/ pet - $120; Framed add $50
2 people/ pets - $180; Framed add $60

Sharpei Pup
Sad Eye Dog



Traveling Cows

This series grew from living next to a cow farm, I loved their massive shape and gentle, benign character. Soon after creating the first cow painting - I began to incorporate real earrings to adorn them. From there - a short leap to send them traveling to the worlds hotspots and dressing in regional attire. 13 large paintings made up the series, some were commissions and others were born out of humorous brainstorming with friends. I have always been amazed at the response of people (especially kids), to these images. The playfulness and humor seem to knock down barriers and promote exchange between myself and the viewers. Select images are available - 18 x 24 inch, high quality offset prints

Woo Bull
Parlez Moo
Surf and Turf



Public Paintings


These large paintings were produced with help from grants from Orange County Government through Orange County Tourism and have been gifted to be displayed in public places. My desire was to contribute paintings that spoke of my admiration of the area that I grew up and lived in and would also be here when i'm gone.


Hometown Views (Middletown, NY)

On display in the Middletown City Hall Images within this painting are:
• The annual Firemans Parade, passing the Armory on Highland Ave.
• details of the architecture of Morrison Hall at SUNY Orange.
• Middletowns first steamer fire engine • fireworks in downtown - lighting up the police station and the City Hall
• Thrall library - formerly the train station. Its' beautiful architecture preserved for public use.
• former Mt. Carmel church.
Giclee prints are available- 16" x 27" or custom size

Hometown Views Middletown NY


Orange County Bounty

On display at the Government Center in Goshen Images within this painting are:
• Washingtons Headquarters • West Point Military Academy
• Hudson River sunset with 'Sloop'
• Pine Island - black dirt agricultural region
• Storm King art center - worldclass outdoor sculpture center.
• Goshen Historic track - 'Home of the Trotter".
• 'Hawks Nest' along the Delaware River.
• Morrison Mansion at SUNY Orange.
Giclee prints
are available - 18" x 27" or custom size

Orange County NY




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